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About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Macanga Institute is a Non-government Organization in West Sulawesi which mainly focuses on increasing the quality of education as one of sustainable development goals. School dropouts, child marriages, infant stunted growth are the main development challenges that West Sulawesi Province is facing. We believe in Education as one of the powerful ways out of poverty and other socio-economic problems. Ensuring every young people in the region can access good quality of education is our main objective. Macanga Institute supports young people from rural and even isolated areas in West Sulawesi to increase their participation in higher educational institutions, build their capacity to face global competition in the future through integrated education, training, and development programs. Research is our strength in designing programs in the community. Participatory action research and co-design have to be conducted first in every project design to make sure that our program is people-centered. We encourage our team to be creative and innovative in the field where they are interested in. The "DNA" of Macanga Institute is education and youth development to help improve human development index in West Sulawesi Province

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