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Dragon Age Origins: A Guide to Changing the Language Settings

Dragon Age: Origins was created by the Edmonton studio of BioWare, the developer of Neverwinter Nights and Jade Empire.[23][24] Development of the game's first demo began in November 2002.[25] It was officially revealed at E3 2004 as simply Dragon Age[25] and was re-revealed as Dragon Age: Origins in July 2008, alongside a new trailer for the game.[26] According to BioWare, they kept any information about the game hidden from the public, to further the game's design and technology.[27] More than 180 people worked on the game, and full-scale production began three years after the game's initial development.[28] The subtitle "Origins" was chosen to represent the six origins storyline, BioWare's return to PC role-playing games, and the beginning of a new franchise.[29] Origins is a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, as an attempt to build a similar fantasy RPG without any licensing restrictions or issues.[30] The similarities are mostly present in gameplay elements, such as real-time tactical combat;[23] the game does not share the Dungeons and Dragons setting of the Baldur's Gate series and is instead set in a period where dragons are prevalent.[25] While the game was initially built with the engine that powered Neverwinter Nights, the team switched to use the Eclipse Engine midway during the game's development. The shift in engine slowed down the game's development significantly.[31][32]

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