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Where Can I Buy Himalayan Salt Lamps In Toronto

DISCLAIMER: Himalayan Secrets is a proud member/ sponsor of the Salt Therapy Association which is dedicated to research, education, and innovation. Many Salt Lamp Companies claim that salt lamps generate negative ions and cleanse the air- after studies done internally by the STA, the results show that these claims are false and Salt Lamps are not tended to cure or prevent any type of diseases. Salt lamps are used for decoration purposes only. For more info on salt lamp myths, please refer to

where can i buy himalayan salt lamps in toronto

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If you're buying a salt lamp for the first time, the UMAID Rectangle Salt Lamp (view at Amazon) is a solid choice. Featuring a classic design, it may help ease stress and anxiety. Plus, it comes with a dimmer switch for a custom light level. The Sister Candle Co. Tealight Candle Holders (view at Etsy) are another option if you're looking for something more unique. A great way to break away from electrical cords, they can be placed anywhere around your home.

Some people buy Himalayan salt lamps because of their purported health benefits. Himalayan salt may release negative ions into the air, which is the same process used by commercial purifiers to help you breathe cleaner air. While there are no scientifically backed studies affirming that Himalayan salt lamps can release enough ions to purify your air, their beautiful glow definitely brings a calming vibe into your home.

Since this salt lamp is handcrafted, no two lamps are exactly the same. Each lamp measures between 10 and 12 inches and is constructed using pure Himalayan salt sourced directly from Pakistan. The wooden base adds to the appeal of the lamp, which comes in a decorative box for gift giving.

Our Best Value pick comes with two salt lamps for the price of one. Both lamps have a lovely, soothing glow and dimmer switches. Though some users reported that the light bulbs can be difficult to change, this bargain find has garnered stellar reviews otherwise.

For the wellness market, this rare salt also has healing properties. The producers of pricey salt lamps claim Himalayan salt helps to remove mucus and allergens from the air. And salt chambers at spas promise detoxification.

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Salt rock lamps may not have a proven connection to good sleep (though studies have yet to be done, people say removing certain ions from the air can promote relaxation). But dim lighting does. In fact, bright light delays production of the sleep hormone melatonin. It stands to reason then that placing a salt rock lamp alongside your other nightstand decor could help create the kind of relaxing atmosphere you want to lull you to sleep.

These mini salt lamps are much smaller versions of our 'rough' himalayan salt lamps that we sell. A block of salt is shaped and then hollowed out slightly inside to contain an LED light. They use a USB cable which can fit most computers or USB adapters; they aren't strong enough to be a sole light source by themselves but they give a lovely atmosphere and are ideal as desk decorations! Because these are fitted with an LED light, unlike our normal 'larger' salt lamps which contain a bulb, the LED in most cases should never have to be changed. A theory behind salt lamps suggests that as the lamp heats it, it gives off negative ions into the air which have health benefits. (There is some debate about this, however some studies have shown low levels are given off). The sizing of these lamps is pretty constant, but you will find that their shape and colouring can differ, the quality is always constant. Lamp Sizing: They have a rough height of 11-12 cm. The diameter of the wooden base is approximately 7cm. (Please note these are much smaller than our standard rough salt lamps. Included InformationSalt crystal lamps are made from salt crystal rocks, formed over hundreds of millions of years and mined over 800 feet under the foothills of the Himalayas. As the lamp warns up, healthy negative ions lift off from the surface to help cleanse and improve the quality and freshness of the air you breathe. Claimed Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt can include:- Attracting Humidity- Removing moisture from the air (salt lamps are naturally deliquescent, i.e. they can absorb moisture from the air).- Neutralizing the 'electric pollution' in the air- Help to create a soothing effect- Aiding with sleep- Helping to improve mood. Instructions for UseOnly use the salt lamp indoors. To clean the salt, please use a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Please ensure it is unplugged before cleaning.Please Note One of the main physical properties of these lamps is that they are deliquescent (i.e. they have a tendency to absorb moisture from the air). We recommend using the lamp fairly frequently, if it is not regularly lit up it can continue to absorb water and can start to crumble. This can happen more often in places where there's likely to be more water such as from condensation next to windows, conservatories or bathrooms. Salt Lamp Care NotesOur salt lamps are intended for indoor use only. They are for decorative use only and should not be left turned on if unattended for long periods. Keep the lamp away from excessive moisture of humidity (e.g. Cellars, Kitchens etc.). Clean using a damp cloth only, do not apply cleaning products or immerse in water.

These salt lamps come in different styles, materials, and features. When you buy salt lamps in bulk, offers wholesale salt lamps in various styles, shapes and sizes. There are also black salt lamps, white salt lamps, industrial salt lamps, and portable salt lamps to be used in any room. When you want to buy wholesale salt lamps, wooden salt lamps, metal salt lamps, and polyalon salt lamps come in various sizes, styles and colors.

The Salt Cave is well-known for its salt therapy treatment, where besides Himalayan salt floor and walls, the air is treated by a specialised halogenerator that infuses the air with a dry aerosol releasing tiny particles of pharmaceutical-grade salt. Sit back on a zero-gravity recliner and inhale the air as it works to heal your ailments. Each treatment session lasts about 45 minutes.

The gentle heat, calming glow, and ethereal colours of a Himalayan salt lamp are well-known, and the venue sells a variety of salt lamps carved from pure Himalayan crystal salt. Available in various shapes and sizes, these make a great addition to your meditation room. 041b061a72


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