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All Star Team Up Movie !LINK! Download In Hd

The following is a list of Japanese animated films produced by Toei Animation, based on Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure (Precure) anime television franchise, also known as Glitter Force outside of Japan. Beginning with 2005's Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, which had two films released for it, each subsequent series in the franchise has received a film, which is usually released towards the end of each year. In addition, the Pretty Cure All Stars films, which feature storylines that team up characters from every series to date, began releasing annually in Japan starting in 2009, often airing in the spring of each year. The films often incorporate electrical flashlights known as Miracle Lights, which originally debuted in Yes! PreCure 5 the Movie: Great Miraculous Adventure in the Mirror Kingdom!. These devices are handed out to audience members during theatrical screenings so they can participate in the film's climax. In 2017, beginning with Pretty Cure Dream Stars!, the crossover movies shifted from massive team-ups to smaller affairs featuring Pretty Cure teams from 3 consecutive series.

When she was little, Miyuki came across a peculiar book with some of its pages missing, promising to one day write the ending herself. Back in the present, Miyuki, Akane, Yayoi, Nao, and Reika all go to a book expo where they come across a quaint little movie theater. Whilst watching the movie, a strange girl named Nico suddenly pops out of the screen, pursued by Kingaku and Gingaku. After the Cures manage to beat the two monsters, Nico takes them to the World of Picture Books, where characters from various fairy tales live. There, the girls are given the opportunity to live out roles of their favourite book protagonists; Cinderella, Issun-bōshi, Sun Wukong, Urashima Tarō and Momotarō. Things soon start turning weird, however, when the true protagonists wind up in each other's stories. These heroes are soon possessed by a dark force, causing them to show resentment towards the girls and attack them, wanting a world where stories have no endings. With the assistance of the stories' antagonists, the Cures fight to try and revert the heroes to normal. They soon learn the culprit is Nico, who holds resentment towards Miyuki for forgetting her promise to finish the story she lived in. Chasing Nico to the world of her story, Miyuki explains that in her book, Nico was a girl who brought smiles to others but was kidnapped by a dark force, at which point the ending was unknown. Miyuki had attempted to draw the rest of her story but gave up because she couldn't draw very well at the time. After some encouragement from Akane and the others, Miyuki becomes determined to make up with Nico and together they head towards the castle where she was captured. As Nico's hatred is fuelled by the Demon Lord that captured her, the girls fight off the fairytale heroes so Miyuki can try and reach Nico. Backed up by the support of her friends, who will never hate her despite their injuries, Miyuki conveys her feelings of gratitude to Nico for helping her learn to smile. Just then, the Demon Lord ensnares Nico, wanting to use the power of her hatred to take over the world. As she and the other's struggle against his attacks, Nico realises her true feelings which restores the lost pages of her book. After the girls are overpowered by the Demon Lord's attack, Miyuki takes a direct hit in order to protect Nico killing her instantly. Wanting to save her, Nico calls upon the power of the Miracle Wing Lights, which revives Miyuki and give her the power to become Ultra Cure Happy and purify the Demon Lord into his original form. Afterwards, Nico apologizes for her actions and vows to make her own story.

The two stargazers first connected over Reddit and then Instagram, sharing and commenting on each other's work over the past three or four years. After recognizing one another's strengths in photography, they decided to team up f


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