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Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) Generator Online


How to Create Your Own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) Online

If you are a fan of the classic first-person shooter game Doom, you might have wondered how to create your own custom levels and scenarios. Well, wonder no more, because there is a free online tool that lets you generate your own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) file in minutes. Here is how to use it:

Go to and click on the "Generate Doom WAD" button.

Choose the options for your Doom WAD, such as the number of levels, the difficulty, the theme, the enemies, the weapons, and the secrets. You can also upload your own custom graphics and sounds.

Click on the "Download Doom WAD" button and save the file to your computer.

Run your favorite Doom source port (such as GZDoom or Chocolate Doom) and load the Doom WAD file as a custom mod.

Enjoy playing your own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad)!

The online tool uses a random algorithm to generate the levels, so you can expect different results every time. You can also share your Doom WAD with other players and challenge them to beat your score. The tool is compatible with the original Doom engine and most of its source ports. However, some features may not work properly on some ports, so make sure to test your Doom WAD before playing.

The online tool is based on the open-source project DOOM-Crusher, which was created by Kroc Camen. You can find more information about the project and its source code on GitHub. You can also contribute to the project by reporting bugs, suggesting features, or making donations.

If you are looking for more ways to enjoy Doom, you can also check out some of the best fan-made mods and wads on There you can find hundreds of amazing creations by talented Doom fans from all over the world. You can also join the Doom community and participate in discussions, contests, and events.

Doom is one of the most influential and popular video games of all time. It has spawned countless sequels, spin-offs, remakes, and adaptations. It has also inspired generations of gamers and developers to create their own games and mods. With the online tool, you can now join them and create your own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) online. Have fun!

Some Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) Online

Creating your own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) online can be a lot of fun, but it can also be challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the online tool:

Experiment with different options and settings. You can create different types of levels and scenarios by changing the options for your Doom WAD. For example, you can create a horror-themed level by choosing a dark and gloomy theme, increasing the difficulty, and adding more enemies and traps. Or you can create a comedy-themed level by choosing a bright and colorful theme, decreasing the difficulty, and adding more jokes and secrets.

Use custom graphics and sounds. You can upload your own custom graphics and sounds to the online tool and use them for your Doom WAD. This way, you can add more personality and originality to your levels. For example, you can use your own photos or drawings as textures or sprites, or you can use your own voice or music as sounds or music. You can also use graphics and sounds from other games or media, as long as you have permission to do so.

Test your Doom WAD before playing. The online tool generates the levels randomly, so there is a chance that some of them may not work properly or may have errors or glitches. Therefore, it is recommended that you test your Doom WAD before playing it. You can do this by loading it in a Doom source port and checking if everything works as intended. If you find any problems, you can try to fix them by editing the Doom WAD file with a WAD editor (such as SLADE or XWE), or you can generate a new Doom WAD with different options.

Share your Doom WAD with others. One of the best things about creating your own Ultimate Doom (Doom.wad) o


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