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A Primary Source History Of The Colony Of Maryland Liz Sonneborn !EXCLUSIVE!

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Maryland (From Sea to Shining Sea),by Barbara A. Somervill. 80 pages. Publisher: Children's Press(CT) (September 2008) Reading level: Grades 3-5. Presents information about Maryland's people, geography, history, landmarks, natural resources, government, state capitol, towns and cities, and more.

Maryland (World Almanac Library of the States),by Michael A. Martin. 48 pages. Gareth Stevens Publishing (August 2002) Reading level: Grades 4-6. Filled with the most up-to-date information, including the latest Census results. Full-color photos bring to life the story of Maryland. In addition to an in-depth factual profile of Maryland in the form of a state Almanac, this book offers fascinating and lively discussions of the state's history, people, geography, government, economy, culture, and lifestyles. A section on Notable People, a calendar of events, and enough primary source documents, time lines, maps, and other tools to make this unquestionably the best young adult reference material on the USA available anywhere.

Maryland, A Middle Temperament: 1634-1980,by Dr. Robert J. Brugger. 864 pages. Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press (September 1, 1988) A history of the third original colony with 350 years of tobacco culture, slavery, industrial revolution, civil war, and civil rights is a daunting task met by Brugger in his highly readable standard history of the state. Brugger not only covers the pageant of centuries but also finds a themeone of moderation and balance in a not-quite Southern but not-quite Northern realm where both cool heads and Union occupation prevented secession. Writing over the last three years, Brugger recognizes the findings of younger historians who have wrung fresh insights about colonial living from statistics and archaeology. He is not reticent about long-denied civil rights, old political machines, and fairly recent corruption.

Your Maryland: Little-Known Histories from the Shores of the Chesapeake to the Foothills of the Allegheny Mountains" Good evening, I'm Ric Cottom. Welcome to Your Maryland." Since 2002, when he first delivered his now-classic radio segment on Maryland history, Ric Cottom has narrated hundreds of little-known human interest stories. Collected here are 72 of his favorite on-air pieces, enhanced with beautiful papercut illustrations by Baltimore artist Annie Howe. From accused witches and the murderous career of gunsmith John Dandy through tales of Johnny U and the greatest game ever played, Your Maryland covers nearly four centuries of the Free State's heroes and scoundrels.Entertaining listeners of all ages while sparking their interest in the past, Cottom's beloved Your Maryland is a unique blend of carefully researched regional history and narrative nonfiction. He deftly emphasizes the human dimension of Maryland's colorful past: its athletes (two- and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. All of that color, suspense, and humor - as well as the author's unusual talent for discovering interesting historical facts and personages - is part of your Maryland.The Colony of Maryland (Primary Sources of the Thirteen Colonies and the Lost Colony)Using primary sources, this book tells the story of the Maryland colony from its initial settlement through the Revolutionary War.Written by Liz Sonneborn, author of more than eighty nonfiction works for middle grade readers and young adults.

Guide Dogs: Dog Heroes DB 74833 0 hours 24 minutes by Melissa McDaniel read by Jennifer Hubbard Overview of the history of guide dogs, starting with the first guide-dog school in Europe after World War I. Discusses canine life and training with their human partners and includes quick facts and resources. For grades 2-4. 2005.

Kenya DB 71757 1 hour 42 minutes by Bridget Giles read by Kerry Dukin Facts about this East African country where tourists come on safari to photograph lions, elephants, giraffes, and monkeys and where fossils of the earliest


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