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Winter Bear By V

As the second event, 'Winter Vine' (winterVVine1230) prepared a birthday celebration event at the Primera display board in Myeong-dong. In addition, a congratulatory message was sent to the electronic display board of Youngpoong Book Center in Hongdae along with various images of V. The 4th prepared gift was a celebration event on the large LED screen of Sinchon Hyundai Department Store's UPLEX building, and the 5th event to decorate 21 large screens installed in the underground passage leading to Sinchon Hyundai Department Store.

Winter Bear By V

The fan page 'Watercolor' (V_Pintor) delivers birthday wishes to the large LED sign board on the outdoor wall of Sinchon Hyundai Department Store and 21 LCD billboards installed in the connecting passage on the first basement floor. He also donated money to the animal protection group 'My Love Go', saying, "I hope our lovely puppy friends will spend a healthy and warm winter." 'itsmefann' also installs screen advertisements in 4 transfer passageways in Hongik University Station and runs Instagram feed advertisements.

It is a song like a Christmas present to fans. It is a jazz-style carol that shows off the charm of V and Peakboy's different vocals. Thanks to the warm and addictive jazz-style melody and lovely lyrics that go well with the cold winter and Christmas, V's 'Snow Flower' is gaining popularity as a BGM for videos on TikTok and Instagram. Snow Flower, which was released for free on YouTube and SoundCloud, ranked highest among the entries in the 'Korea Top Song 100' chart from December 25th to 31st of 'Music Chart & Insight', which is announced weekly based on YouTube views at the time of release. 041b061a72


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