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Gregory Seliverstov
Gregory Seliverstov

Zetafax Client Windows 7 LINK

Zetafax systems include the Zetafax server, fax clients as for the required number of users, the email gateway and web client. They support 2 fax lines as standard, DDI for routing inbound faxes direct to users, queue management, remote monitoring and reporting. Zetafax also supports a range of fax hardware.

Zetafax Client Windows 7

All Zetafax for Networks starter systems include a Zetafax server and fax, email and web clients for the required number of users. They support 2 fax lines as standard. Additional line licences are available.

Zetafax integrates with any SMTP mail system to enable faxes to be sent and received from the email client. The Zetafax "email gateway" module connects the Zetafax Server to the SMTP mail server allowing you to use email clients as an alternative to the Zetafax client. Click here to find out more about integration with SMTP Mail systems.

Network users can be provided with faxing capabilities in branch offices or at remote sites and can use Zetafax in thin-client sessions over the WAN or using remote access. For large volume faxing, Zetafax supports embedded addressing in the application server environment.

Microsoft Office and PDF documents are automatically converted to fax if Zetafax is configured to send faxes via the Zetafax client. If Zetafax is configured to send faxes via email a copy of the relevant MS Office application or PDF software should be installed at the server to enable conversion to fax.

This issue occurs because the Network access: Restrict clients allowed to make remote calls to SAM policy is enabled. The policy controls which users can enumerate users and groups in the local Security Accounts Manager (SAM) database and in Active Directory.

Thanks for the quick response. I downloaded the newest RDC client and tested it out from an XP box but didn't have any luck. When I looked at the processes for that user, I didn't see the zetafax software running, so it looks like it's not even letting it execute it.


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