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Neurosis Inc. - 1995 - Verdun 1916.rar

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Neurosis Inc. - Verdun 1916: A Colombian Death Metal Classic

Neurosis Inc. is a Colombian death metal band that formed in 1987 and released their debut album, Verdun 1916, in 1995. The album is a concept album based on the Battle of Verdun, one of the most brutal and bloody battles of World War I. The album features 10 tracks of aggressive, technical and melodic death metal that showcase the band's skill and originality.

The album was recorded at AudiovisiÃn studios in BogotÃ, Colombia, during September 1994. The band members at the time were Arley Cruz on vocals and guitars, Jorge Mackenzie on guitars, Mauricio LondoÃo on bass and Jaime Ocampo on drums. The album was produced by Neurosis Inc. and Carlos Silva, who also engineered and mixed it. The cover art was designed by Arley Cruz and features a collage of images related to the war.

The album opens with "The Eyes of the Soul", a fast and furious song that introduces the theme of death and reincarnation. The song has a catchy chorus and a melodic solo that contrasts with the harsh vocals and riffs. The next song, "Politicians", is a scathing critique of corruption and lies in the government. The song has a thrashy vibe and a catchy refrain that repeats "You're a fucking politician". The third song, "Military Sacrifice", is a dark and epic song that depicts the horrors of war and the dehumanization of soldiers. The song has a slow and heavy intro that builds up to a fast and furious verse. The chorus is memorable and powerful, with Arley Cruz screaming "Here you're not allowed to think, only to obey". The song also features a spoken word section that narrates the story of a soldier who disobeys an order.

The fourth song, "Deprived of Liberty", is an instrumental track that showcases the band's technical skills and musical diversity. The song has a progressive structure that shifts from acoustic passages to heavy riffs to melodic solos. The fifth song, "Full of Thorns", is a personal song that reflects on the band's struggles and sacrifices as musicians. The song has a melancholic melody and a heartfelt chorus that sings "Music is a path full of thorns". The sixth song, "Verdun 1916", is the title track and the longest song on the album. It is a masterpiece of death metal that combines brutality, melody and atmosphere. The song tells the story of the battle from different perspectives: the soldiers, the generals, the civilians and the dead. The song has a complex structure that alternates between fast and slow sections, acoustic interludes, spoken word samples and choir vocals. The song also features some of the best riffs and solos on the album.

The seventh song, "The Longest Day", is a tribute to D-Day, another major battle of World War II. The song has a thrashy vibe and a catchy chorus that repeats "The longest day". The eighth song, "Oda al Traidor", is sung in Spanish and is dedicated to Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus Christ. The song has a dark and sinister atmosphere and features some black metal influences. The ninth song, "Colombia... Tierra de la Muerte", is another song sung in Spanish and is a critique of the violence and injustice in Colombia. The song has a punk attitude and a catchy refrain that repeats "Colombia... tierra de la muerte". The tenth and final song, "The Dream", is an instrumental outro that closes the album with a calm and peaceful melody.

Verdun 1916 is one of the best death metal albums ever released in Colombia and Latin America. It is an album that combines aggression, melody, technicality and originality in a perfect balance. It is an album that deserves more recognition and appreciation from metal fans around the world.

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