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Gregory Seliverstov

Sound Solution 131b Winamp Plugin The One WITH All The Presets

Not Sure man - i donno man, my headphones sounded better without this thing. no matter how i tweaked the settings. raising the bar seemed to just dim the sound to a bland mumbling. it didnt improve at all, or even sound like real speakers. im sure it works for some type of headphone or it wouldnt have been made. would it? and if you want to tone down the irritating loudness, just use the WA equalizer and tune down to a softer preset or tone down the treble and bass and your head wont hurt as much. Bottom line The headphones sounded better without this plugin, 100% certain. I suggest if you want a more stereo, use Bobware stereo delay, its very simple and seems to help a bit. combined with nice EQ settings, can have a nice booming, or soft resinating effect on the ears using headphones. Set bobware: Delay: 20.0ms, Crossover 25.0%, Del Amp.: 40.0%. sorry to babble, but i'd definitely try that out instead of this wimpy plugin. im sorry to put it down, it just really doesnt seem to be very good in my opinion. thanks to the author for his time though, keep at it! - May 4, 2005 by Jonathan Dark

Sound Solution 131b Winamp Plugin The One WITH All The Presets


It's great ! - I don't know, what is the solution for Staff's problem.On my PC perfectly working. I think this is great plug-in. I use with Terratec DMX-1024 soundcard and Beyerdynamic DT-131 Headphone. Although the headphone is common, the difference is nicely audible. The sound is more natural. Always better than without this plug-in. With disco or house music the diff. is not too big.With 80's and acoustic music better to use. - August 17, 2002 by Krisztian Aklan

Windows 10 provides its exclusive equalizer software, of which, Equalizer pro is considered to be amongst the best. It is known for its specialization in bass/mid/treble segments.Equalizer ProWant a noiseless amplified sound? Try this software and experience your quality music without any messy disturbances. With these exceptional qualities, you can also generate your own preset. This software provides 20 presets and ten bands equalizing.See Also : 10 Best Windows 10 Password Reset Tools to DownloadFX SoundFX Sound has always been the top choice for any person using equalizer software. It provides us with a seamless 3D sound experience without even using a high-end speaker on the other end. 350c69d7ab


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