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Aya Sean - Dont Let Me Pass You By


Aya Sean - Dont Let Me Pass You By

She was known to have a passion for journalism. Her best friends are Marco Del Rossi, Ashley Kerwin, Paige Michalchuk and Craig Manning, for whom she harbored an unrequited crush for over two years before her feelings were eventually returned. She is also good friends with Dylan Michalchuk, Alex Nuñez and Jimmy Brooks. She was rivals with Manny Santos for the affections of Craig but it was implied that they made up. She was written out in Degrassi Goes Hollywood, in which her most notable storyline came full circle after her father returned from Afghanistan. Ellie was portrayed by Stacey Farber.

drunk and pass out. The flames spread to the curtains, destroying the kitchen and forcing Ellie and her mother to temporarily relocate. Ellie told her mom that she would stay at Ashley's house, but instead moved in with Sean.

In his garage the next day, Ellie told Craig that the Showcase was too good an opportunity for him to pass up. She said that she could not drum, Marco was not much better on bass and that Jimmy was more interested in painting and that Leo had only seen them as excess baggage in the first place. Craig told her that, if he did win, it would mean leaving Toronto and worried about what would happen to Manny, Joey and Angie in his absence. She said that they would manage and be fine. When Craig asked her if she would be okay without him, she responded that she would wave him goodbye because it was what she had to do. Craig won the Showcase. Before he left for Vancouver, Ellie gave him a hug. As Ellie walked away, Craig looked after her longingly. In spite of this, he was delighted to be going to Vancouver as his dreams had come true.

The next day, Marco told Ellie and Griffin that he had gone on another date with Eric. Ellie was glad to hear it but Marco said that it was "lame," which amused Griffin. He then asked them if he could borrow some more money. Griffin told him that he was broke himself while Ellie said that she would add it to his tab along with clothes. She told Marco that she and Griffin were studying and he should try it himself. When Marco accused her of being passive aggressive, she asked him why Devon was worth going broke over. Marco said that he wanted to have fun and asked what so wrong with that. Ellie responded, "Is using your old friends to live the high life with your new ones wrong Tough call." Marco then became annoyed and left.

After Paige and Griffin left to have sex, Ellie and Marco went upstairs. Ellie began to pet Marco's rabbit Hip Hop and remarked that they would have to arrange visitation rights as the rabbit loved her. Marco told her that Hip Hop would miss him only as much as he would. Ellie said that she loved him and she always would, even if they were not leaving together. When Marco lamented that it could be one of their last nights living together, she responded that she could not imagine him not being in the next room. He then suggested that they should buy their dream two bedroom apartment even if they had to live on rabbit food to afford it. Ellie wished him goodnight and they kissed on the lips. As she got up to leave, he pulled her back down and asked her to stay. She said goodnight and kissed him again. However, it turned into a passionate kiss and they lay down on the bed together. The next morning, Marco woke up in bed with the seemingly naked Ellie. He realized that it was 20 minutes until their exam and rushed off. Before he did, Ellie joked that they should get a one bedroom apartment instead.

The next day, Ellie decided to return to Toronto and Craig went with her to LAX. They stood together awkwardly for a little while before Ellie said that she should probably just go as security could take a while. She thanked him again for all of his help and said that he had really come through for her. He said that they would "call it even" because of her help with his drug problem and they hugged. As Ellie made her way to the securit


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