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By adopting Karimi's model (1986), with a stress-based formulation, the present modelcaptures the pull-out behavior of embedded reinforcing bars in the concrete. This modelwas utilized so that the formulations could be used on the standard finite element method. With the introduction of Karimi's model, the total stress field in the systemwas derived. To define the stress field, the governing equations were defined for each material phase including the reinforcing bar, the matrix, and the cover plate, andaccording to the current formulations the materials were defined mathematically by using standard equations of linear viscoelasticmechanics. Upon the no-separation of materials conditions, the mesh was revised to define the new combinationmaterials and restrict the deformation of each phase.

The analyses stratified the behavior of the reinforced concrete in each phase to describeeach material as individual components in the system. The aim of this method was to achieve a soliddiscretization scheme at the macroscale. To achieve this, a structure was created consisting of embedded reinforcing bars, a cover plate, and the matrix, which was modeling the composite material asa continuum material. The results obtained with the finite element showed a good agreement with the experimental and thetheoretical study of the pull-out behavior of the reinforcement in the concrete. d2c66b5586


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