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A new little box is about to wave in the future of computer navigation -- quite literally. The $79.99 Leap Motion, which begins shipping and arriving in Best Buy stores this week, brings gesture control to Mac and Windows computers. With hand gestures such as waves, pokes, reaches and grabs in the air you can navigate games and other programs, just like Tom Cruise in \"Minority Report.\" It's bold, fun and futuristic, but not everything is picture perfect.

At launch there are only 75 apps (both free and paid) in the store, many of them games. I've quickly become addicted to using my hand to slice the rope and feed the green-colored monster in \"Cut the Rope\" and racing a small car around a track by putting two hands on an invisible steering wheel in \"Sugar Rush.\" Other popular games like \"Fruit Ninja\" and \"Froggle\" are also fun to play using only your arm waves. And yes, part of the pleasure is looking totally ridiculous making big gestures in the air.

But it's not only fun and games. In fact, some of the educational apps are even more entertaining. \"Frog Dissection,\" -- yes, you got that one; it simulates a frog dissection -- lets you closely examine the organs of the amphibian. Move your hand towards the screen and you zoom in on the gallbladder. Twist your wrist and you can view all its angles with rich 3D graphics. Google Earth lets you do the same -- except with the world -- as you twist and turn the globe and fly through space.

BlueStacks is an app player with a library of over 2 million Android games and apps. Download BlueStacks today and see why millions of Android gamers are ditching smartphones and using PC and Mac instead.

It is a major benefit of using BlueStacks to play Android games that you can automate the controls. If you want to use a complex combination attack repeatedly, you can record it using the Macros tool and then play it back with a single keystroke. Your opponents will be rendered speechless by your swift and easy takedown of them.

For every unique liked item that is placed within two squares distance from the monster, the monster's happiness is increased by 25%. (Two or more of the same item/monster only increases happiness once.) Thus four items are required to make a monster 100% happy. Note that on some islands, some monsters have five likes available, but it is not possible to make a monster more than 100% happy.

As a matter of strategy, it is worth considering how often you collect coins from your monsters. For example, a level-15 Potbelly reaches its coin limit in 6 minutes if it is 0% happy, and in 3 minutes if it is 100% happy. If you never collect coins from it more frequently than every 6 minutes, you get no benefit from increasing its happiness. Most other monsters take much longer to reach their coin limits, so improving their happiness may increase the number of coins you can collect. The wiki page for each monster shows its coin limit for each level, as well as its earning rate for each % Happiness. If you divide the coin limit by the earning rate, you get the time needed for the monster to reach its coin limit. Or, if you prefer, the wiki page also shows the times for the monster at level 15 to reach its coin limit for 0% Happiness and for 100% Happiness, and those times will be pretty similar to the monster at any level.

For purposes of making other monsters happy, a Rare monster behaves the same as its Common version. For example, a Toe Jammer likes a Furcorn and also likes a Rare Furcorn. If a monster is close to both the Common and Rare versions of a monster it likes, its Happiness increases only by 25%, not by 50%.

The Unity Tree nullifies the requirement to place an item within two squares of a monster to make it happy. Items and monsters can then be placed anywhere on the island and still increase happiness. This allows for greater freedom in designing islands. However, if an item a monster likes is sold (and there are no others of the same item remaining on the


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