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The Backrooms: A Comprehensive Guide to the Levels and Entities

What are the Backrooms?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you accidentally glitched out of reality? If you somehow slipped through the cracks of space and time and ended up in a place that was not meant for you? If you have, then you might have heard of the Backrooms, an online urban legend that has captivated and terrified many internet users.


The Backrooms are a maze of endless, empty rooms that resemble abandoned offices, basements, or warehouses. They have yellow wallpaper, damp carpet, fluorescent lights, and a constant hum-buzz sound. They are said to be impossible to map or measure, as they defy logic and physics. They are also inhabited by strange and hostile entities that can harm or kill anyone who encounters them.

The Backrooms were first described in a creepypasta posted on a 2019 4chan thread, where an anonymous user claimed that one could enter them by "noclipping out of reality" in certain areas. The original post was accompanied by a photo of a typical Backroom, which sparked many other stories, images, videos, games, and wikis based on the concept. The Backrooms are one of the most well-known examples of the internet aesthetic of liminal spaces, which depicts usually busy locations as unnaturally empty. They are also compared to other internet creepypastas, such as Slender Man or SCP Foundation, which create fictional horror scenarios using online media.

How to enter the Backrooms

So, how does one "noclip out of reality" and end up in the Backrooms? The term "noclip" comes from video games, where it refers to a cheat code or a glitch that allows players to pass through walls or objects. In the context of the Backrooms, it means breaking through the boundaries of reality and entering a hidden dimension behind it.

There is no definitive answer to how this can happen, as different stories have different explanations. Some say that it is a random occurrence that can happen to anyone at any time. Some say that it is triggered by certain actions, such as falling asleep in a certain position, walking backwards into a corner, or touching a certain object. Some say that it is influenced by certain factors, such as location, mood, or intention. Some say that it is a deliberate choice, made by curious or adventurous individuals who seek to explore the unknown.

However, regardless of how one enters the Backrooms, there is one thing that everyone agrees on: it is not a good idea. The Backrooms are not a place for fun or discovery. They are a place of fear and isolation. Once you enter them, there is no guarantee that you will ever find your way back. And even if you do, you might not be the same person as before.

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What to expect in the Backrooms

If you ever find yourself in the Backrooms, you might be wondering what to expect. Well, here are some things that you should know:

  • The original version of the Backrooms is called Level 0. It is composed of approximately six hundred million square miles of randomly segmented rooms. It has no windows, doors, or exits. It has no furniture, decorations, or signs. It has only yellow wallpaper, moist carpet, fluorescent lights, and hum-buzz sound. It is the most common and easiest level to access, but also the most boring and monotonous.

  • There are many other levels of the Backrooms, each with different themes, environments, and dangers. Some of them are variations of Level 0, such as Level 1 (which has concrete walls and pipes), Level 2 (which has wooden walls and furniture), or Level 3 (which has windows and plants). Some of them are completely different, such as Level 4 (which is a dark and foggy forest), Level 5 (which is a flooded and abandoned city), or Level 6 (which is a red and hellish wasteland). Some of them are even based on real-world locations, such as Level 7 (which is a replica of a hotel in New York), Level 8 (which is a replica of a mall in California), or Level 9 (which is a replica of a subway station in London). There are hundreds of levels, and some of them are still undiscovered or unconfirmed.

  • The Backrooms are not only populated by humans, but also by various entities that can range from harmless to hostile. Some of them are native to the Backrooms, such as the Skin-Stealers (which are humanoid creatures that can mimic the appearance and voice of humans), the Hounds (which are dog-like creatures that can track and hunt humans by smell), or the Smilers (which are faceless beings that can paralyze humans with their smile). Some of them are from other dimensions, such as the Angels (which are winged beings that can teleport and manipulate reality), the Demons (which are horned beings that can possess and corrupt humans), or the Clowns (which are twisted versions of circus performers that can cause madness and laughter). Some of them are even former humans, such as the Wanderers (which are lost and confused humans that can become allies or enemies), the Ferals (which are savage and cannibalistic humans that have gone insane), or the Facelings (which are deformed and mutated humans that have been exposed to radiation).

Here is a table of some common entities and their behaviors:

Entity Behavior Danger --- --- --- Skin-Stealer Mimics human appearance and voice to lure victims High Hound Tracks and hunts human prey by smell High Smiler Paralyzes human with smile and drains their life force High Angel Teleports and manipulates reality to help or harm humans Medium Demon Possesses and corrupts human souls Medium Clown Causes madness and laughter with jokes and tricks Medium Wanderer Wanders around the Backrooms looking for a way out Low Feral Attacks and eats human flesh Low Faceling Hides in dark corners and avoids contact with humans Low There are also many fan-made media and games based on the Backrooms, such as The Backrooms Game, The Backrooms VR, The Backrooms: Escape, The Backrooms: The Movie, The Backrooms: The Series, The Backrooms: The Podcast, The Backrooms: The Book, The Backrooms: The Comic, and many more. These media and games offer different interpretations and adaptations of the original concept, adding new levels, entities, characters, stories, and mechanics. They also help to expand the lore and popularity of the Backrooms among fans.

How to survive and escape the Backrooms

If you ever find yourself in the Backrooms, you might be wondering how to survive and escape. Well, here are some tips and strategies that might help you:

  • Avoid contact with entities as much as possible. They are unpredictable and dangerous, and some of them can kill you in an instant. If you encounter one, try to run away, hide, or fight back if you have a weapon. Do not trust anyone who claims to be human, as they might be a Skin-Stealer or a possessed person.

  • Look for clues and theories about finding exits or portals. Some people claim that there are ways to leave the Backrooms, such as finding doors, stairs, elevators, windows, mirrors, or holes that lead to other levels or dimensions. Some people also claim that there are ways to manipulate reality in the Backrooms, such as using lucid dreaming, meditation, rituals, or glitches. However, these methods are not proven or reliable, and some of them might be traps or dead ends.

  • Cope with the psychological effects of being in the Backrooms. The Backrooms can cause stress, anxiety, depression, paranoia, halluc inations, memory loss, and insanity. To prevent or reduce these effects, try to stay calm, rational, and optimistic. Find something to distract yourself, such as music, books, games, or hobbies. Keep a journal or a record of your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Seek support and companionship from other survivors, if you can find any.

Remember, there is no guarantee that you will ever escape the Backrooms. You might be stuck there forever, or you might die before you find a way out. The best thing you can do is to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.


The Backrooms are a fascinating and frightening online urban legend that has captured the imagination of many internet users. They are a mysterious and dangerous place that can be accessed by noclipping out of reality. They are composed of various levels and entities that can challenge and harm anyone who enters them. They are also a source of inspiration and creativity for many fan-made media and games that explore and expand the concept.

However, the Backrooms are also a fictional and hypothetical scenario that should not be taken too seriously or literally. They are not a real or proven phenomenon that can actually happen to anyone. They a


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