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Download Autodata 3.40 29

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Download Autodata 3.40 29

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How to Download Autodata 3.40 29 for Free

Autodata is a software that provides information on vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance. It covers over 17,000 models from 80 manufacturers worldwide. Autodata 3.40 is the latest version of the software, released in 2014. It includes new features such as wiring diagrams, component testing and service schedules.

If you want to download Autodata 3.40 29 for free, you will need to follow these steps:

Download the Autodata 3.40 + crack.iso file from this link[^1^]. The file size is 1.39 GB and it is hosted on Mega cloud service.

Download and install a virtual drive software such as Daemon Tools or Power Iso.

Mount the Autodata 3.40 + crack.iso file to a virtual drive using the software.

Run "install.cmd" and wait until the installation is finished.

Run crack.bat as administrator.

Go to Windows 7_64 folder and run all registry files. (This step may not be necessary for x32 systems)

Find the C:\ADCDA2 folder and click ADBCD.exe to run the software.


If you want to change the language of Autodata 3.40 to English, you will need to download the English language pack from this link[^2^] and extract it to C:\ADCDA2 folder. Make sure to rename the old ENG folder to ENG.old before extracting the new one.

Autodata 3.40 is a useful tool for automotive professionals and enthusiasts who want to access reliable and up-to-date information on various vehicles. However, it is not a legal or official source of data, and it may contain errors or inaccuracies. Therefore, use it at your own risk and discretion.Here are a few more paragraphs for the article:

Benefits of Autodata 3.40

Autodata 3.40 offers many benefits for users who want to access comprehensive and accurate information on various vehicles. Some of the benefits are:

It provides wiring diagrams for over 6,000 models, which can help users diagnose and repair electrical faults.

It allows users to test components and systems using step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

It gives users service schedules for over 12,000 models, which can help users plan and perform routine maintenance.

It supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish and French. Users can change the language by downloading and extracting the language pack to the installation folder.

It runs on Windows 10 with some minor adjustments, such as running as administrator and applying registry files.

Autodata 3.40 is a valuable resource for users who want to save time and money on vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance. It can help users improve their skills and knowledge on various aspects of vehicle technology.Here is a possible continuation for the article:

How to Get Autodata 3.40

If you are interested in getting Autodata 3.40, you will need to find a reliable source that offers the software for free or for a reasonable price. You can search online for websites that provide download links or torrent files for Autodata 3.40. However, you should be careful and avoid any malicious or illegal sources that may harm your computer or violate the copyright laws.

Alternatively, you can contact the official Autodata website and request a subscription or a trial version of their online service. Autodata Online is the latest and most updated version of the software, which offers more features and data than Autodata 3.40. It also works on any device with an internet connection, without requiring any installation or activation. However, you will need to pay a monthly or annual fee to access the service, depending on your location and needs.

Autodata 3.40 is a great software for anyone who wants to learn more about vehicle diagnostics, repair and maintenance. However, it is not the only option available in the market. You can also explore other similar software such as Haynes Pro, Bosch ESI[tronic], Mitchell OnDemand or Alldata.


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