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Flash Builder 4.5 Mac 12

After seeing how this synergy of adobe and apache is for flex, I deleted all adobe flash builders and flex related products. We used adobe products because we expect a certain advantage from commercial products, but this is just bullshit. When in a time everything can be simplified and automated and we have to go back resorting classic ways of configuring/developing like 10 years ago. No, thank you.

flash builder 4.5 mac 12

My work at Adobe as a developer gives me access to the source code ofan IDE with code completion and refactoring support (Flash Builder)and a virtual machine (AVM) with debugging capability, the flashplayer. I work on the debugger, so I'm always looking out in thisarea. I started doing this in my spare time, when I was not workingon bugs or a feature.

I initially implemented reverse debugging in Flash Builder/flashplayer just because I was frustrated with having to reset breakpointsand restart if a breakpoint was set too far ahead. I had read theoriginal gdb article via slashdot long ago so I knew it should bepossible. Implementing it was a challenge, time was always against me.

May 17, 2011 12:30 PMGoogle Chrome bundles a version of the Flash player plug-in that itkeeps up-to-date. Firefox 4's plugin hang detector stops flash playerwhen it detects inactivity1. Read on to see how these challenges canbe overcome when debugging flex/flash applications with Flash Builder.

This plugin does exactly what I need to have done. I've added it to Adobe Flash Builder, in order to view the flash player log file (debug player only).It's perfect.Easy to install, the right level of control. The hardest part is finding the location of the log file...Oz


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