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Riders Of Justice YIFY

It wasn't hard to outdo the preachy contrived plot of the 2003 Ranger movie, but this one took a step beyond to become a mainstay.First, it is an adventure film, a Western adventure. The Lone Ranger is a mystique character, and part of the challenge is that he tries to bring men to justice alive. Same for Superman. If they didn't have this challenge, they would have no conflict whatsoever. It makes for a puzzle.Tonto takes center stage here, but unlike the 2003 disaster, he is a character instead of a symbol of a godlike race. Here, no favorites are played. The most evil ones in this story are a pair of white men, and other white men they enlist, but we aren't given sermons about this.Depp is great as Tonto. The museum scenes are a bit too much for me, but it is good for the kids. The out of sequence bits work, partly because they aren't emphasized too much. Depp, as Tonto, craftily plays this with a subtle humor, and that is just what is needed for this.There is the magic and mystique of the Ranger, but also an explanation given for it, as "Nature out of balance". We are dealing with a supernatural chain of events which do allow the Lone Ranger to ride a horse through and on top of railroad cars.Great blend of humor and adventure, and at the same time a crafty blend of Shakespeare and Indiana Jones. This is better than what meets the eye, and what meets the eye is extra special in itself, with plenty of eye candy for men and women.

Riders of Justice YIFY

I really enjoyed Red Headed Stranger, which is a great movie project for Willie Nelson. The film has some similarities to Clint Eastwood's Pale Rider. Obviously, both films have preacher characters that stand up for justice (and deliver, Old Testament style). Willie Nelson's Shay shows more vulnerability and is not as hard ( invincible) as Clint. Well, nobody did westerns quite like Clint. The film here is pretty solid and showed how violent and corrupt the untamed land could be. The movie looks great and is paced well with a mix of Willie Nelson's music to go alongside the story. Western icon RG Armstrong gives one of his best performances as Sheriff Scoby. Morgan Fairchild is some serious eye candy as The Preacher's ill fated wife. Everything here was done well in my opinion and I really enjoyed watching this.

Boy oh boy, if this film didn't star Willie Nelson I hazard to think what the reviews might be like. This is one mess of a story, defying logic and credibility even in the days of the Wild West. The wedding scene at the start of the film is where it all begins, I initially thought Willie was the father giving his daughter away. That he was marrying a character portrayed by Morgan Fairchild might have been an interesting hook, but as it quickly turns out, the marriage is doomed from the start. But not in any way you might expect.There's the usual predictable opposition on hand to give Preacher Shay (Nelson) a hard go of it, and Sheriff Reese Scoby (R.G. Armstrong) isn't much help at first. There's no single event that triggers the sheriff to righteous action, he just suddenly sees it his duty to help the new Preacher oppose town boss Larn Claver (Royal Dano) and his clan. That opposition takes focus in the windmill project that promises to relieve the town's reliance on Claver's control of the only available water supply. Through it all, Raysha Shay (Fairchild) grows increasingly disillusioned with frontier life, and longs to return home to Philadelphia.Only a quick furtive glance at the opening wedding scene gives a hint of what's to come. When a former suitor takes Raysha away from Montana, Nelson's character transforms from a man of God to a man of the devil. Tracking down the lovers to a saloon in another town, the good Reverend simply guns them down. Two shots and it's all over, and no one arrives on the scene to see what all the fuss is about. The Preacher draws a bye and gets away with murder. Sheriff Scoby, who's been run out of his own town for failing to keep the Claver's at bay, tracks Shay to a secluded farm where he's taken in by a woman who sent her shiftless husband packing a couple years earlier. Katherine Ross should have known better, but hey, it's what the part called for.How this all translates into anything remotely believable is beyond me. Sheriff Scoby shoots Shay at point blank range but doesn't kill him, he goes into an alcoholic depression, Shay recovers to shake Scoby out of his stupor, and the pair heads back to Driscoll to square things with the Claver's. I'll have to assume that one's takeaway from all this should be that Preacher Shay is a tortured hero whose singular brand of justice is fitting retribution in a lawless wilderness. Instead, all I got was that Shay got away with murder more than once, backed by a pretty decent soundtrack.I guess if you're a Willie Nelson fan, the story is forgivable given the "Red Headed Stranger's" real life reputation and charisma. But if you expect anything remotely plausible coming out of this flick, you'll be left with blue eyes crying in the rain.

After three years of heavy physical labor in a hellish prison in the desert, the former Sheriff Ted Barnett (Giuliano Gemma) escapes. Barnett was framed by three men and wrongly convicted for thirty years of hard work for the murdering of his father. He looks for those that had accused him seeking revenge and the first one he meets is Gomes, who owns a barbershop, and he kills him in self-defense. Then he travels to Charleston where his former wife is married with Sheriff Douglas (Francisco Rabal). When Barnett confronts Douglas, he tells that he had killed Barnett's father. They shoot each other and Barnett kills Douglas. He finally meets the last powerful man that sent him to jail and his former wife helps him to get the evidences to prove his innocence to the judge. But the criminal does not intend to surrender to justice. "Long Days of Vengeance" is a conventional story of injustice and revenge. The plot does not offer any surprise and sooner the viewer knows who the killers are. I have just watched this film in a dreadful DVD released by the Brazilian Distributor Look Films that certainly has digitalized a common VHS to make the DVD. The DVD is dubbed in Portuguese and does not offer the original audio with subtitles; further, the framing is awful, too close. My vote is five.Title (Brazil): "Dias de Vingança" ("Days of Vengeance") 041b061a72


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