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Rollback Rx Pro 10 2 Keygen Download

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Imagine security software that creates file system snapshots, either on demand or according to a schedule. The main aim of such a product is to facilitate a rollback of the system to a point in the past before data was damaged or a malware infection occurred. However, system files can be damaged in such a way that the operating system cannot be loaded. To restore to a specified point, the system can be loaded from an external media, or an MBR modification mechanism can be used. By implementing a customized loader, data can be restored before the operating system is loaded.

Link to download maintenance has been discontinued, the product has been replaced with Norton Ghost).

Eazy Fix by the Numbers 1 minute to setup Eazy Fix 5 seconds to create a snapshot A snapshot contains100% of Windows system, user data, programs and settings. 10 seconds to rollback the computer to a snapshot even if Windows fails to bootup.Up to 100 times faster than conventional system backup and restore solution.

What Can Eazy Fix be Used for1. Use Eazy Fix to recover Windows if Windows fails to bootup2. Use Eazy Fix to recover deleted or corrupted files3. Use Eazy Fix to clean up virus, spyware or ransomware infections4. Use Eazy Fix to remove unwanted software installations5. Use Eazy Fix to rollback failed software deployment6. Use Eazy Fix to create test beds for software testing7. Use Eazy Fix to protect system and data from unauthorized access

What is NewThe following are the new features and bug fixes in Eazy Fix v12 release: General: New Windows GUI General: Windows 11 kernel support General: Check and automatically renew one year license after the license is renewed on the license server. General: Add function to check whether the EFI loader is ours before setup. General: Monitor boot file changes if EFI parition is not protected. General: Fix setup problem caused by previous uninstall failed to remove the bootmgfw.dat file. General: Record log info if bootmgfw.efi was changed. General: Check bootmgfw.efi file for problems before setup. General: Fix the bug of SetBlockInfo. General: Fix the bugs of caching encrypted sectors. General: Fix the bugs of restoring BCD/EFI backup using the FixTools. General: Add snapshot validator. General: Automatically adjust DST after a rollback if computer is not connected to a time server. General: Add setup.ini settings for configuring registry exclusion during setup. General: Fix shdcmd defrag task bug. General: Add shdcmd AutoChkdsk General: Add shdcmd /mode to show current kernel mode. General: Backup BCD in the boot folder for system recovery. General: Fix [email protected] bug due to insufficient user privilege. General: Fix caculating maxtablesectors bug. General: Allow re-activation of already activated setup with a new product ID. General: Fix the bugs of checkmbr when shutting down. General: Fix the bugs of protecting multi-disks. General: Fix loop checkpoint. General: Add a post-setup program settings configuration wizard. General: Add a snapshot daemon to monitor snapshots' quality. General: GUI display differnt quality of snapshots in different colors: black (normal), yellow (inconsistent), red (damaged). Kernel Driver: Add safety codes for invalid snapshot index flag. Kernel Driver: Force clear hibernation mark if boot failed. Kernel Driver: Fix the bugs of SmartDiskReadWriteSector. Kernel Driver: Fix the bugs of mounting snapshot in optimize thread. Kernel Driver: Remove shdsync in bootexec if protect system was disabled. Kernel Driver: Fix the bugs of optimizing snapshot 0 in shdserv. Kernel Driver: Fix the bugs of Base64Decode. Kernel Driver: Fix the bugs of SwitchProtectMode. Kernel Driver: Add functions to support volume filter. Kernel Driver: Add new "Auto" snapshot ecnryption. Pre-OS: New pre-OS skin. Pre-OS: Add mouse driver for EFI pre-OS. Pre-OS: Add a command line shell to the EFI pre-OS module. Pre-O


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