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On Friday July 30, a judging and selection session was held for the title of the "Gran Turismo 5" E3 2010 trailer music at Polyphony Digital. The winning title selected was "5OUL ON D!SPLAY", submitted by MajanoX of Argentina. Of 5444 entries received from 104 countries around the world, the selection was performed by DAIKI KASHO together with Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi, through a discussion of their thoughts regarding the track title.The name MajanoX will be credited in the special thanks section of "Gran Turismo 5". And we would like to thank everyone who has submitted a suggestion for the soundtrack. Comment from MajanoXThe title of the song describes what Polyphony Digital puts in every game they create, SOUL, and that's what we see ON DISPLAY when we play those games (clever and obvious at the same time, right).Also, Daiki Kasho is performing this beautiful song flawlessly, very catchy tune. The number and symbol in the title is a tribute of the song in GT5 Prologue, "SURV1V3", another epic track."5OUL ON D!SPLAY" is a very distinctive name for a unique and very distinctive game like Gran Turismo. Comment from Gran Turismo series producer, Kazunori YamauchiThere were actually 89 entries of "Soul on Display", using the normal alphabet, so it is actually an idea that came from many of our fans. I think it's a very good selection of words based on the content of the lyrics.However out of all those entries, the "5OUL ON D!SPLAY" entry by MajanoX of Argentina was memorable for its play on spelling, using the number "5" for Gran Turismo and the exclamation point "!" for the i. You could also feel the love for the game from the comment that was sent, and it gave us great strength.The total of 5444 entries was a full digit more than what I had initially expected to receive. When I thought of gathering suggestions on Twitter, I figured it would be maybe 500 or so at best. I was also surprised at the huge variety of countries from which we received the entries - 104! Even if only 1% of the people watching the movie sent us a suggestion, that would still mean 500,000 people watched the movie. Thank you all very very much. Comment from the artist, DAIKI KASHOThe use the number in "5OUL ON D!SPLAY", changing the "S" to a "5" I think is often seen by expert online gamers, and I like it. And I really liked the fact that the play on spelling is a homage to a song I composed for the Gran Turismo 5 prologue soundtrack. I think swapping the "I" for a "!" is cute as well.I composed this track for "Gran Turismo 5", while watching the movie that was released for E3 in 2009 over and over again. It's the same whenever I compose for "Gran Turismo", but I always try to make it something that feels good to listen to while racing or watching a replay, so that it has a sense of fast motion.I read all the submittals, and noticed everyone wrote not just the title but interesting comments as well. Reading these, it really made me feel good to be a part of "Gran Turismo". Thanks everyone! Top 5 Most Submitted TitlesOne Reason274 Give me one reason189 Soul On Display89 Breathe66 Life is too precious to waste47 Top 5 Number of Submittals by CountryUSA1077 UK452 Germany304 Brazil274 Japan241

Following a brief month in beta testing, Steam Remote Play Together has formally launched alongside a game sale. Valve asks its users, "What do you do when your buddies are farther away than you can swing a controller You use remote play together." As the name implies, the feature allows for games to be played over the internet together that may not have been designed for online co-op modes.

Obviously, your internet connection will be what determines the quality of the experience for all other users. Valve states that over a 5 GHz network they aim for a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps, while a more powerful gaming rig over a wired network and capable client device will allow for streaming of up to 4K and 60 FPS.

This new feature comes at a great time for Steam, as Epic Games been working tirelessly for the better part of 2019 to lure users over to its platform. The prospect of an ever-growing, free library may not be enough if you can't share it with your pals. With Valve taking the first step, the real question will be if Epic Games will also attempt to implement its own similar remote play feature.

It is worth buying an AX router if many users in a household access the same network at the same time, since Wi-Fi 6 regulates the data transfer better. If you want a setup with a dedicated router only for PC VR streaming and want to save money, you can safely use an AC router.

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The Gran Turismo series, while best known for its sharp graphics and sim-heavy gameplay, has also been home to some pretty strong soundtracks over the years. There's nothing quite like zooming over the finish line while singing along to "99 Luftballons." Sony has revealed the soundtrack for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which should keep this reputation going. Here's a peek at some of the tracks set to be included in the North American version of the game: 59ce067264


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