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Wanted 2009 Full Hindi Movie Salman Khan

the film revolves around the chase of a criminal bhai and all the attempts he makes to stay alive. bhai is a well known criminal from mumbai, who has an army of goons and bodyguards. bhai has repeatedly raped jhanvi and makes it a point to kill her after he is done. he wants to take revenge on jhanvi for reporting his name to the police. but in the end, the film comes a close second to a political thriller, with salman khan becoming the hero. the climax of the film, with salman khan as the hero, is the best part of the film.

Wanted 2009 Full Hindi Movie Salman Khan

the film is a far cry from radhe, but it is interesting to see how salman khan, who is the only superstar in this film, has a lot of fun in this film, and delivers a lot of action sequences. he is seen in several other action sequences in the film, like the car chase sequence, a fight sequence and the motorcycle chase. he also does a lot of running from the cops. the fight sequences are pretty good, but they seem to be shot with a lot of ease. salman khan is seen executing three or four different kinds of punches and kicks in the fight sequences. he delivers all the punches and kicks effortlessly.

the film is not a big hit, but it has the trademark salman khan. the only highlight of the film is the climax. i also liked the other action scenes in the film. the dialogues have become a bit surreal, and i like it.

synopsis: salman khan reprises his role as a policeman in this action-packed thriller. his character is known as bhai (big brother) and he is a notorious criminal who is believed to have an army of goons and thugs.


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