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Vjekoslav Kaleb Gost Cijela Novela Pdf Download

Vjekoslav Kaleb Gost Cijela Novela Pdf Download >>>

Vjekoslav Kaleb Gost Cijela Novela Pdf Download

Vjekoslav Kaleb Gost Cijela Novela Pdf Download: A Psychological Novel About a Mysterious Guest

Vjekoslav Kaleb was a Croatian writer who is best known for his short stories and novels that depict the life and mentality of the rural people in Dalmatia. One of his most famous works is Gost (The Guest), a psychological novel that explores the themes of human dignity, loneliness, and fear.

Gost tells the story of a poor family in a remote village in Dalmatia, who one evening receive an unexpected visitor: a dog. The dog is unlike any other they have seen before: he is well-bred, elegant, and intelligent. He walks into their house as if he owns it, and observes their actions with curiosity and disdain. The family is both fascinated and intimidated by the dog, who seems to represent a different world of culture and civilization.

The novel is divided into three parts: the first part describes the arrival of the dog and his interaction with the family; the second part reveals the dog's past and how he ended up in the village; and the third part shows the consequences of his presence and his departure. The novel is written in a simple and realistic style, using the local dialect and imagery. The author uses contrast and irony to highlight the differences between the dog and the humans, and to expose their weaknesses and fears.

Gost is a novel that challenges the reader to question their own values and prejudices, and to reflect on the meaning of dignity, respect, and freedom. It is also a novel that portrays the harsh reality of rural life in Dalmatia, marked by poverty, isolation, and violence. The novel can be downloaded as a pdf file from various online sources.

The novel has been praised for its psychological depth and its realistic portrayal of the rural Dalmatian society. The author uses the dog as a symbol of the contrast between the civilized and the primitive, the dignified and the degraded, the free and the enslaved. The dog also represents the loneliness and the alienation of both himself and the humans, who are unable to communicate or understand each other. The novel also explores the themes of fear, violence, superstition, and fate, as the villagers interpret the dog's arrival as a sign of something ominous or miraculous.

The novel has been analyzed by various literary critics and scholars, who have pointed out its stylistic and thematic features. The novel belongs to the genre of psychological novel, which focuses on the inner states and motivations of the characters. The novel is also influenced by the naturalist and realist movements, which aim to depict the social and environmental conditions of the characters. The novel uses a simple and clear language, with a local dialect that adds to its authenticity and expressiveness. The novel also employs various literary devices, such as contrast, irony, symbolism, foreshadowing, and suspense.

The novel has been translated into several languages and adapted into different media forms. The novel has been published in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, and Arabic. The novel has also been adapted into a radio drama in 1958, a TV drama in 1971, and a feature film in 1984. The novel has been included in various anthologies and school curricula as an example of Croatian literature. 248dff8e21


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