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YT Downloader 7.22.1 Portable !EXCLUSIVE!

  • COMMENT RULES: follow these or your comment will be ignored.Read FAQ page, it solves 99% of the problems.

  • Read the gray box above download links for details on this particular release.

  • If you already downloaded, make sure you read included release note.txt file which often contains more details and instructions.

  • Comment language: English or Italian only

  • REQUEST a new portable/plugin? NOT HERE. ONLY in Requests page is accepted.

  • Common issues (better explained in FAQ):Execution problem? Like missing .dll or other errors? Read FAQ.

  • Extraction problem? Use winrar 5.80+ to extract, not 7z.

  • Password? NO password needed, use winrar v5.80.

YT Downloader 7.22.1 | Portable


Note: Do not attempt to configure portable mode on an installation from the Windows User or System installers. Portable mode is only supported on the Windows ZIP (.zip) archive. Note as well that the Windows ZIP archive does not support auto update.

The data folder can be moved to other VS Code installations. This is useful for updating your portable VS Code version, in which case you can move the data folder to a newer extracted version of VS Code.

On macOS, you need to place the data folder as a sibling of the application itself. Since the folder will be alongside the application, you need to name it specifically so that VS Code can find it. The default folder name is code-portable-data:

By default, the default TMP directory is still the system one even in Portable Mode, since no state is kept there. If you want to also have your TMP directory within your portable directory, you can create an empty tmp directory inside the data folder. As long as a tmp directory exists, it will be used for TMP data. 041b061a72


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