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Amibcp 3.37 VERIFIED


Amibcp 3.37 VERIFIED

The first parameter value is the BIOS internal "Elegance Graphics subsystem" (eglx_videodata) and the second is the BIOS internal "Extended Graphics Index" (eglx_idata_x0c). You may find it helpful to read the instructions bundled in the AMIBCP utility, because some non-default values may make sense to you. You could also find the BIOS defaults in CMOS reset or POST procedure of the BIOS, but those are used for your convenience. This utility itself can be downloaded from AMI's web site.

If you find a supported version of AMIBCP 7.xx on the Internet, the procedure to install it is simple. When launching the program, check whether the utility shows up in the List of Utilities on the "File" menu. If it does, you will need to launch it by double-clicking its icon to load and save your settings. If it does not show up, launch it from your Start menu. In the "File" menu, select "Add new item" and then "Item from file". In the dialog, navigate to the AMIBCP utility from your WinPC's Win directory (C:\Win or C:\Windows). Select the utility and then click on "OK". You are ready to modify your BIOS settings by simply editing the values shown in the Utility program.

I came across this forum and found great information on how to modify a BIOS. However I havent found a guide how to unlock hidden menus for a none-UEFI BIOS. I found AMIBCP 4.53 which is able to open my ROM file but I realized after reading UEFI based AMI BIOS tutorials I need AMIBCP to set the unlock flags. However when I tried to open the ROM file in AMIBCP version 4.53 i receive the following error message. 3d9ccd7d82


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