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Jbl Buys Yurbuds =LINK=

Guaranteed never to hurt, yurbuds are ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear for long-lasting comfort. Made with medical-grade, flexible silicone, they are ultra soft and comfortable for hours on end.

jbl buys yurbuds

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Inspire for Women was designed by Annie Karayiannis, yurbuds creative director. Karayiannis spent time researching female athletes to gain a better understanding of the earphone size, shape and colors that would best serve their unique needs.

My female wear tester took to the earphones with her smartphone and listening to Slacker Radio and walking. The earphones did not hurt her ears because of the soft silicone. But most important of all, it stayed on her ears without ever falling out. Runners, walkers, and fitness buffs should have no problem wearing this for long periods and having them stay on! As with all yurbuds earphones, each is designed to contour to the human ear so they are comfortable.

While the Inspire For Women is not a high performance earphone, the sound quality is very good considering the thirty dollar price. You can of course switch out the earphone covers and use your high-end earphones with the comfortable and locking yurbuds covers. 041b061a72


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