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How to Install MySQL 5.6 on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 - ITzGeek

the loss of a primary server often causes the replication groups to enter the stopping state. to avoid restarting the entire replication group, you should set a custom round_robin_pass for the to nodes. to set this value, go to the primary node, select the section named replication groups, click on the advanced button and type the appropriate value in the box named passive status.

download mysql 5.6 command line client

mysql offers native replication. this is known as galera cluster, which is a cluster of mariadb servers, all of which are participating in the failover, load balancing, crash recovery and other processes. mysql replication uses exactly the same mechanisms as mariadb cluster.

if you set the environment variable locally on a user basis, for example in your user's /.profile,.login or another user-specific login file, you will have to add the full path to the classpath to the variable. you can set this environment variable either by editing your user's profile locally, or globally by editing /etc/profile.

unzip the archive to the directory containing the connector/j jars, that you specify. in the version 6.0.2 of the connector/j, the jar has a meta-inf folder inside where you can find the file named "dependencies" which contains two files:

this meta-folder contains the list of the dependencies you can download from the catalog of mariadb/mysql service provider, which will be put into your /.mariadbclient/connector-j-.jar if you choose to install in the default location. with the version 6.0 of the connector/j, if your application has a specific version of the database connector, you will have to re-add it to the list, for example:


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