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Download rosai and ackerman s surgical pathology pdf downloads torrentExciting new roles for Islamic finance There is an increasing push by large institutional investors to use Islamic finance as an alternative asset class. This is particularly so in the UK where the UK Banking Association estimates that there will be approximately £200 billion of new savings for individuals to invest by 2017. To meet that demand the Association has predicted that the UK Islamic financial sector will expand in the next five years by £10 billion. There are currently 13 UK based Islamic financial institutions and there are further plans to increase the size of the UK Islamic finance sector. As a way of meeting the demand for Islamic finance, the UK government has introduced the Islamic Finance Taskforce and tasked it with examining the role of Islamic finance in the UK market place and how it can support the UK economy. The taskforce is chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and includes high-profile figures such as Ruth Evans MP, one of the first Muslims to sit in the House of Commons. She was also the first person of any faith to take part in a High Court debate on capital punishment. She was awarded an MBE for services to interfaith relations in 2012. She is a member of the UK Interfaith Council, which advises the government and is currently being developed as a model for the rest of the world. And she is also a member of the Council of Muslim Organisations, which aims to promote understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, and the Board of the Muslim Chamber of Commerce. And in February this year, Ruth Evans was joined on the taskforce by Shabana Mahmood, the Government Minister responsible for religious affairs. She took a different role on the taskforce, being responsible for promoting good understanding of Islamic finance in the government. In the private sector, the UK Islamic Finance Association will continue its work in promoting Islamic finance and in helping to build links with the Islamic finance community around the world. And as the sector continues to grow there will be a need for more Islamic finance practitioners in the UK. The government hopes that these developments will give a boost to the wider financial system and will help to stabilise the economy. As a way of creating more investment opportunities, there is an appetite to increase the number of products and services that are available in the UK, to meet the needs of the growing demand. In the meantime, the sector

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