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School Visit and Inspirational Talk to Christian Theological High School Mamuju

January 21, 2018

The school name is SMTK Mamuju, a boarding school to learn the Bible and other regular subjects. Surprisingly, all the students at that school are from poor families and problematic teenagers. Most of the students are unable to pay their school bills in regular schools. The students are coming from the rural and remote area on Sulawesi Island. At SMTK Mamuju, they live in a dormitory divided by only two rooms for girls and boys and pathetically put all their stuff in the room where they learn and sleep. Every day they learn from 8 a.m. in the morning until 4 p.m. and continue their daily routine on the farm. The school provides them with free accommodation and meals but they also need to help their school to minimize expenses by doing farming activities. SMTK Mamuju is located in the suburb of Mamuju city, West Sulawesi Province. This school has been moving for three times due to rejections by Majority Groups around the school and land ownership problem. With all the difficulties and problems that school is facing, all of the students are passionate to learn and finish their study. They have a dream to resolve their economic problems by getting a good job in the future but they have no idea or even self-efficacy to grab all their dreams. Macanga Institute has come to bring some joy and optimism to all students. Open up their mindset and show them some sufficient information to continue their study. We maintain communication to help the teacher and students overcome some difficulties related to teaching program and students' counselling.

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