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The detailed and latest updated method to calculate Over/Under bets in penalties

The method of calculating Over/Under penalty bets is somewhat special as it is based on the results of the penalty shootout between the two football teams, instead of the overall match result. This unique and highly appealing way of corner betting always attracts millions of visitors every day. To understand more about how to calculate Over/Under penalty bets, make sure you don't miss the article below.

General Introduction to Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties

Calculating Over/Under bets in penalties is very simple. Players will predict the outcome of the penalty shootout between the two football teams with the bookmaker. If the prediction is correct, players will receive a substantial reward. Conversely, if they lose, players will forfeit the amount they have bet.

It's important to note that this type of bet doesn't always appear in a match. Over/Under bets in penalties only occur when the final result of the two teams is tied, and a penalty shootout is required to determine the winner.

Basic Methods to Calculate Over/Under Bets in Penalties

Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties Based on the Match Score Between Two Teams

Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties Based on the Score Between the Two Teams

In this bet, depending on the bookmaker, players can bet on which team will score the most or the least. This is the most popular and simplest type of bet, attracting a large number of players. Players bet on the outcome of the penalty shootout between the two teams. The high winning dropping odds strategy is an attractive factor for players when choosing this bet.

Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties Based on Which Team Takes the Last Shot

As the name suggests, this bet is straightforward: players bet on one of the two teams to see which will take the last shot. Therefore, players need to consider carefully before deciding to bet. Usually, the decision on the order of shooting is made by a coin toss by the referee or other selection methods. If players bet correctly, they win a prize; otherwise, they lose their bet.

Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties Based on the Winning Team

In this Over/Under penalty bet, players predict which team will win the penalty shootout. The winning odds for this bet are 50:50, making it suitable for new players or those who want to try their luck. However, the prize money for this bet is usually not very high.

Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties Based on the Total Number of Goals Scored by Each Team

Players bet on the number of goals each team will score in the penalty shootout. To win in this bet, players need experience and the ability to make quick, accurate judgments. The advantage of this bet is that if guessed correctly, players can win a large sum of money.

A small note for players is that if the first round of the penalty shootout ends in a draw, an additional round is added, but the order of the teams shooting is reversed.

Effective Tips for Playing Over/Under Bets in Penalties

This article will reveal to you some exclusive tips that many experienced bettors don't want you to know. Follow along and pocket these useful tip for win for yourself.

Research Information About Both Football Teams

This is a basic but extremely important factor that many players overlook. Before deciding to bet on a match, players should research the history of the two teams to understand their strengths. Information to look into includes the teams' penalty shoot-out history, the players on the field, the coach, etc. Having this information will help players make more accurate predictions.

Choose the Right Bet to Play

If you are an experienced player, you should choose bets with high reward rates, such as the rate of goals scored between the two teams or the total number of goals each team achieves. These bets are challenging but offer very attractive rewards. However, if you are a new player or have limited finances, you should opt for easier bets like betting on which team will take the last shot or which team will win the penalty shootout.

Closely Observe the Match

One thing many players do not realize is that in Over/Under penalty betting, players are allowed to place bets before the penalty shootout starts. Many players mistakenly think they must bet before the match starts and thus make hasty decisions, leading to losses. When the match is underway, players can verify the strength of the two teams.

Know How to Manage Finances

Before playing, players should check their finances. The betting strategy amount should be set aside and divided into smaller portions. Dividing the money into smaller amounts gives players the opportunity to recover in case of a loss. Those who are not financially well-off should not choose high-reward but low-winning-odds bets; instead, start with smaller but safer bets. Be prudent in managing your finances.

Common Questions Frequently Asked About Calculating Over/Under Bets in Penalties

Which Bookmaker Should You Choose to Play Over/Under Bets in Penalties?

This article introduces Wintips to players - a leading and reputable bookmaker in Vietnam currently. Almost all bettors are familiar with this bookmaker. With dedicated customer service, good security policy, many large promotions, and particularly its transparent and open organization and implementation, Wintips football betting tips telegram channel prides itself as an ideal destination for players.

How to Choose a Reasonable Over/Under Penalty Bet?

The calculation of Over/Under penalty bets depends on the type of bet. Therefore, players might be uncertain about choosing the right penalty bet for themselves. A sincere piece of advice is, if you are unsure which type suits you, why not try them all? When you're new to betting, you shouldn't be too focused on winning or losing; instead, accumulate as much experience as possible. With experience, you won't need to worry about choosing your bets.

Is the Over/Under Penalty Bet a Game of Luck?

Over/Under penalty betting is also a game of chance, as sometimes situations arise in the match that players cannot control, even when they are well-versed in the rules of Over/Under penalty betting. However, the element of luck in this game is not high, and players can fully control the situation.


The above were details on how to calculate Over/Under penalty bets. Hopefully, this sure home win prediction for tomorrow will help players understand more about Over/Under penalty betting. If there is any information that you still don't understand or have questions about, don't hesitate to contact the Wintips bookmaker's helpline for clarification.


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