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Stalker Lost Alpha Map

In this article, we will give you an overview of the Stalker Lost Alpha map, including some of the places of interest, secrets, and tips for each zone. Whether you are a veteran stalker or a newbie to The Zone, this guide will help you explore and survive in this harsh and mysterious environment.

Stalker Lost Alpha Map

The Zone

The Zone is the name given to the area affected by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and subsequent anomalous events. It is divided into several regions, each with its own characteristics, dangers, and factions. The Zone is constantly changing due to emissions, blowouts, and other phenomena that alter the landscape and create new anomalies and artifacts.

The map of The Zone in Stalker Lost Alpha is based on the original design by GSC Game World, which was later changed and simplified for the release version of Shadow of Chernobyl. The mod developers have recreated the old levels using various sources, such as screenshots, videos, and leaked builds. They have also added their own touches and improvements to make the map more immersive and realistic.

The map of The Zone in Stalker Lost Alpha v1.4007 looks like this:

As you can see, there are many zones to explore, each with its own name and level transitions. Some zones are familiar from Shadow of Chernobyl, such as Cordon, Garbage, Agroprom, Yantar, Pripyat, and Chernobyl NPP. Others are new or restored from the cut content, such as Darkscape, Dead City, Forest, Generators, Countryside, and Outskirts.

Each zone has its own atmosphere, terrain, weather, vegetation, wildlife, mutants, anomalies, artifacts, buildings, structures, secrets, quests, factions, enemies, allies, traders, stashes, and more. Some zones are more dangerous than others, depending on the level of radiation, military presence, bandit activity, mutant population, anomaly density, and emission frequency.

To travel between zones, you need to find the level transitions marked by broken white circles on your PDA map. Some transitions are blocked by plot or storyline restrictions until you complete certain missions or tasks. Some transitions are accessible by vehicles while others are not. Some transitions may be bugged or glitched so be careful when using them.

Zones Overview

In this section we will give you a brief overview of each zone in Stalker Lost Alpha map along with some tips and secrets for each one. Note that this is not a comprehensive guide but rather a general introduction to help you get started. For more detailed information on each zone you can visit the Lost Alpha Wiki.


Cordon is the first zone you visit in Stalker Lost Alpha. It is considered to be the main entry point into The Zone from the outside world. It is a relatively safe and newbie-friendly zone with low radiation levels and few anomalies. It is mostly populated by rookie stalkers who are trying to make a living by scavenging artifacts or hunting mutants.

Cordon has several places of interest such as:

  • The Rookie Village: This is where you start your journey in Stalker Lost Alpha. It is a small settlement of novice stalkers who live in abandoned houses near a railway bridge. Here you can find your first trader Sidorovich who will give you some basic equipment and quests.

The Military Checkpoint: This is a heavily guarded roadblock that prevents unauthorized access to The Zone from the outside world. You can either sneak past it using a c481cea774


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