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Samsung Dvd Writer Driver Mac Os X 10.10

I'm currently having the very same problem with the same hardware (samsung slimline + Mac Book Air mid 2012). I've tried inserting blank and burnt disc's (dvd & cd) to no avail. I recently upgraded to Yosemite OS X 10.10.1 could this be the issue?

Samsung Dvd Writer Driver Mac Os X 10.10

If you have already purchased the older, non-natively supported version of the card but are looking for a driver for Yosemite, you can email the seller and the new version of the driver will then be sent to you. This means that the card can continue to be used without any problems under OS X 10.10. The new driver also comes with kext signing.

Whether it is a malware detector, recipe index, Bible-study tool, software to pay bills, my scanner's TWAIN driver, software for a new multi-function printing device, my employer's help desk application, the software that came with my new DVD writer, or even a Windows utility, the likelihood that I can explore the screen to discover how it works diminishes with each new screen reader update.


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