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Kate Bush - Love And Anger (full [WORK] AUDIO)

Log in or register to post comments COMMENTS Kate Bush Submitted by Kirby on Wed, 2012-10-24 13:00 I've been a big fan of Kate Bush since I heard her 2nd lp "Lionheart". I picked up a 180gr German ATR pressing of it years ago and it sounds great. When I played it for a friend who was with me when I bought it , he thought I had thrown my money away. So to say Kate Bush's music isn't for everone is an understatement, but I get it and love it! So I'm glade to hear of a audiophile quality copy of " The Sensual World " so I won't have to listen to my Cd any more. Audio Fidelity has been doing a great job with their Lps and gold Cds and I will continue to buy their releases. Thanks for the heads up again Randy & Michael keep up the good work!

Kate Bush - Love And Anger (FULL AUDIO)



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