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BEST Download 372K Valid Txt

A Mac Plus has an 800k floppy drive whichmeans System 7 won't load from floppies. Some SE's, SE/30's andClassics have a 1.4 meg drive. You can download a version of system7.0 from Apple's web site that will fit on 800k floppies. Then you'llhave to download system 7 update to get to system 7.0.1. Why 7.0.1?It's more stable that 7.0 (all systems that are above X.0 are morestable) and it features the fonts folder for easier fontinstallation. It's alos the last free system Apple offers as of thiswriting (believe it or not!). You can download version 7.0.1 thatwill fit on 1.4 meg floppies.

Download 372K Valid txt

I downloaded system 7.01 because it uses thesmallest amount of RAM. You can use any version of system 7 up to7.5.5 on a Plus according to Apple, but there's not much point inusing anything past 7.1 due to ram limitations. You'll have todisable almost all your extensions to leave yourself enough ram foreven minimal Mac usage.

I used an external Zip drive to installsystem 7.01 after downloading it. To install from a ZIp drive onto aPlus, put the Iomega driver (MUST be less than version 5 to work onthe Plus) into the system folder of the Plus which at this point hassystem 6XX installed. Reboot after plugging the Zip drive in and itwill come right up on the desktop. Note that you can boot form theZip on SOME Pluses, but not all.

There were few obvious changes betweenversion 1.00A3.2 and 1.1.1E, and many people still use the earlierversion. (Note, however, that there was a short-lived release thatcame between these two which limited the number of Web pages youcould download before it expired. You could start the count again bytrashing the prefs file! The download limitdisappeared in version 1.1.1E).

You can download JPEG image files to diskand view them with GIFConverter, but sometimes you'll find thatimages with "millions" of colours need more memory to open thanyou've got. A way round this is to convert the JPEG to a GIF. GIFsare limited to 256 colours or greys, and so use less memory. A GIFmade this way looks identical to the original JPEG on black and whitescreens. The trouble is that most image-converter programs refuse torun on black and white Macs, and in

All versions of MacWeb can use "proxyservers" for the Web, ftp, gopher and WAIS. Proxy servers are set upby your network admin or ISP to cache files downloaded by users. Thismeans that popular downloads are accessed from local disks

Wrong mouse breath! With a smallcaveat... You must have a directory located on your ISP's server todownload to, then you'll have to use another ftp application such asFetch (which needs a hard drive to run). If anyone knows how toretrieve files any other way via a Lynx setup, please let me know. Ifyou're at all familiar with the net, you probably have another Macthat CAN run Fetch or another FTP application and you can downloadyour files on that Mac. I do this all the time from my girlfriend'sClassic. Then when I get to my house, I download the files viaFetch.

There were few disappointments: I wasthrilled at the thought of running Netscape in 1700K instead of3000K, but for some reason downloaded files aren't automaticallydebinhexed and decompressed using StuffitExpander. Furthermore, withOptiMem enabled for it, Netscape keeps using more and more memory asyou navigate, so that you could soon run out of RAM; when Netscaperuns without optimization, it eventually reaches its memory limit andautomatically starts clearing its buffer.

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